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Innovation and Entrepreneurship are our business

Inova Unicamp is the technology transfer office of the University of Campinas. We promote the transfer of technologies for established companies and provide resources to help the launching of startups thorough our Incubator and other entrepreneurship programs. Located in a privileged area of São Paulo State, we are also responsible for the management of the Unicamp Science and Technology Park.


Patents filed or granted

Inova is responsible for the management of Unicamp’s patent and software portfolio. Today we have over 1200 patents, among licensed and pending applications. Click here to explore our patent portfolio.

Need an individual approach? Our team will help your company in identifying the best technology available for your innovative challenge. Contact us.


License agreements

Our technology transfer team promotes business and science cooperation. We bring together industry and inventors, working for the development of a profitable and long lasting collaboration. If you are interested in finding the right research partner for your project within Unicamp community, contact us. Our team manages a wide range of technologies that are available for industry licensing and we are engaged in arranging the best agreement for our partners.


Unicamp-related companies

Unicamp’s alumni have created over 1300 companies, which are commercially active. These companies employ 47 thousand people and have an annual net income of over R$25 bi (around US$ 5 bi).

Our Incubator (Incamp) was launched in 2001 to stimulate the creation and to protect the development of new technology based enterprises. Incamp offers infrastructure and training to the new entrepreneurs, who benefit from the proximity to Unicamp laboratories and human resources


people working in our Science Park

With an initial urbanized area of 100,000 m², the Unicamp Science and Technology Park is the perfect location to host collaborative research projects with one of the biggest Brazilian universities, the State University of Campinas. The Park is located in a privileged area of Sao Paulo State, the most economic vibrant region in Brazil. It provides continual opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Learn more about the Park here.

International Partnerships

Inova Unicamp has many programmes open to international and bilateral collaborations. Research partnerships, resources, economic development and business support are custom designed to maximize the impact our partners seek to create. Inova has partnerships with a selected group of international universities and organizations interested in developing innovation and entrepreneurship.

Contact Us

+55 19 3521-5010 / 3521-2607 / 3521-5207


Caixa Postal 6131
CEP 13.083-970

Dr. Ricardo Benetton Martins, s/n
Bosque das Palmeiras, Campinas – SP
CEP: 13.086-902